The A/E/C industry is a diverse mix of companies and individuals with an extensive range of needs, priorities and personalities. Few people navigate this field like Jill. Her genuine, honest, down-to-earth demeanor coupled with an unrelenting desire to take care of her clients makes her a valuable asset. She has an uncanny ability to make anyone feel at ease, which is critical to building relationships.

Working with Jill is a real pleasure. She knows the industries, runs a “Swiss watch” of an organization, never wastes time, and provides the forum to get results. McKibbin Consulting has been a great investment for us. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Woody Thrasher, President – The Thrasher Group

I’ve known Jill McKibbin, owner of McKibbin Consulting, for over four years and have been actively part of her CIST groups.  These are the best networking groups that I’ve found in the area that bring people together from the construction industry in one forum to discuss a multitude of projects that any one person finds as solid economic information to help further his/her business.  Each person within the group is also welcoming and provides attentiveness to introductions for other group members.

Megan (White) Altemus, VP Corporate Banking, First Commonwealth Bank

Front Studio Architects has been working with Jill McKibbin – McKibbin Consulting for six months and we are very pleased with her efforts on our behalf. Jill is familiar with “how business is done” in the A/E/C world and is always available to assist or supply a creative solution to a problem. In addition, she is so high energy and positive, that it’s enjoyable to be in her company.

Deborah Kaplan, Marketing Strategist, Front Studio, LLC

Jill is a tenacious business development person. Her ability to find leads, contacts and work is incredible. I am continuously amazed at her ability to make things happen.

Chip Desmone, President at Desmone & Associates Architects

I highly recommend Jill for any position she is seeking.  We have worked together on a number of projects over the last three years and I find her to be the rainmaker in any environment. She is someone of strength and quality of character. Someone you would take into battle with you and know that she will protect and serve, a real friend.

Curtis Morehead, VP at Emerald Electrical Services LLC

Jill McKibbin has a rare talent for networking. Her energy and social ability allow her to make connections and put people together in win-win situations that others could easily overlook. I enjoy watching her get a charge out of putting people and firms together. Plus she has the tenacity to follow up and make sure that the connection was made. We should all be as enthused doing what we love to do.

Marc Mondor, Principal at evolveEA

Jill is the go to person for linking people and business together.  If you have never worked with her it is just amazing how she never stops thinking of how to network and partner people together. She’s a person you want on your side helping you day in and day out. Although she seems to work nonstop she’s a very approachable down to earth people person as well. I would recommend her to anyone looking to expand your networking capabilities.

Jay Cravotta, President, OFW

Jill is hard-working, personable and dedicated. She has a broad knowledge of many industries, and of the people that work in them. We have enjoyed working with her on various projects and look forward to doing so in the future.

Domenic Dozzi, CEO at Jendoco Construction Corporation

“CIST is the best organization I’ve been associated with in my forty years of business development.  If you need an introduction or a meeting arranged, Jill McKibbin, CIST President, is more than willing to assist.  She is the ultimate leader in our business!”

Douglas J. Wagner, Senior Associate NOELKER AND HULL ASSOCIATES, INC.

Jill’s incredible energy and enthusiasm have made her the “queen of Pittsburgh networking”. If you want to make connections, she’s the one to talk to!

Eric Fisher, Principal, Fisher Architecture

Jill knows just about everyone in our region that is in the A/E/C industry. She truly enjoys making connections happen for people to do business together.

Sharon Landau, Marketing & Business Development

Jill maintains a high level of professionalism through her dedication and determination. Her knowledge and experience in the architecture, engineering and construction industry provides a positive advantage to her customers and clientele.

Larry Kiec, Vice President – R&A Development

Jill’s is an expert business development agent. Jill’s network specifically encompasses the A/E/C construction industry, including construction users, architects, engineers, and contractors. She is skilled at bringing successful teams together across diverse backgrounds. I find Jill to be an honest and motivated person who truly enjoys team-building. I highly recommend Jill to anyone looking to broaden their network in our industry.

Craig E. Stevenson, President of AUROS Group

McKibbin Consulting has helped Forkner Engineering grow quickly in our first year. The contacts that they have helped us make and the support they provide in building a business have been invaluable. Ms. McKibbin is truly invested in helping my company succeed.

W. Blaine Forkner, P.E., LEED AP BD+C, Principal, Forkner Engineering LLC

I have worked with Jill McKibbin for three years, and would not do without her services. As a small company, we do not have the resources to connect with the multitude of prospects that Jill provides. She accelerates our ability to reach out to many kinds of prospects (whether Architect, Engineer, Real Estate Developer, or Contractor).

Jill has an amazing talent for making that first contact with a new prospect and catching their interest. She has the tenacity needed to get her clients in the door and market their strong points. People listen to Jill because she is down-to-earth and approachable. She creates the bridge for the client to have an opportunity at a level of success they may not otherwise have. I would recommend Jill to anyone who is in need of a skilled Business Development Consultant who is hands-on.

Jill is incredibly savvy, and she has opened many doors for Palone & Associates. We plan to continue to use her services to help grow and diversify our client base.

Sandra Palone, President of Palone & Associates

I’m proud to be a member of CIST.  The members provide great project leads and contacts, and they are nice people.  Jill McKibbin is wonderful. I can call her any time of the day or night (weekday or weekend), and she answers the phone.  She is the most connected person in Southwestern PA for project opportunities and key contacts.

Paul J. Messineo, Jr. Professional Engineer, Business Development Manager | Associate - Allen & Shariff

Jill McKibbin is fabulous. She’s a networking queen and extremely hard working. Her loyalty and ability to utilize her referral skills for those she represents and who are involved with her networking groups is top notch. I would highly recommend McKibbin Consulting for your business development needs.

Karen Marshall, Keller Williams Real Estate

We have worked with Jill for the past number of months. Her vast network of people and knowledge of the construction industry is key to the number of appointments she has set for Eisler Landscapes. The added bonus of her monthly and quarterly networking meetings allow Eisler Landscapes and me to further develop these relationships and meet new referral sources. I would recommend Jill McKibbin with McKibbin Consulting for your business development needs.

Scott Smith, Production Manager/Sales, Eisler Landscapes

I’ve been working with McKibbin Consulting for a few years now. Whatever Jill tells you that she’ll get done for you and your company….you can strike it off your list….it will get done.
Jill hustles for her clients.

Craig M. Bingham, CEO, All Systems Fire Protection Co. Inc.

Jill McKibbin is a very well connected, polished and confident resource in the real estate industry.  She prides herself on offering top notch services to all of her clients and friends.  She has a command of the real estate business and the players.  I highly recommend that you avail yourself of her service.


Jill is fearless!  She has the unique ability to get a connection to anyone.  Jill is a great matchmaker, putting together professionals in the building profession with clients with projects.  She is personable, dedicated and loyal.

Suzan M. Lami, Partner, Lami Grub Architects

“The A/E/C industry is a diverse mix of companies and individuals with an extensive range of needs, priorities, and personalities. Few people navigate this field like Jill. Her genuine, honest, down-to-earth demeanor coupled with an unrelenting desire to take care of her clients makes her a valuable asset. She has an uncanny ability to make anyone feel at ease, which is critical to building relationships. Few people can match her commitment and work ethic. Jill is Pittsburgh’s A/E/C professional matchmaker, and I greatly respect what she’s been able to accomplish. On top of that, it’s just a true joy to know and collaborate with her.”

Eric Booth, AIA, President at Desmone & Associates Architects

I have worked with Jill for over two years and find that she brings a team approach for business development in garnering new relationships. Through Jill’s vast array of contacts, Desmone Architects has been able to secure new business and build lasting relationships. Jill is a dynamic, personable woman bringing a strong skillset that resonates confidence into developing these relationships. She enables Desmone Architects to continue to build and grow our business. I would recommend Jill to anyone seeking to take their business to the next level.

Thea Martin, CFO at Desmone Architects

Jill McKibbin is dynamic and works very hard on our behalf. She is willing to focus her efforts to meet Huckestein’s particular needs and tailors that approach to fit the needs of each of her clients. There is excellent follow through for meeting setup and she pushes us to maintain and execute our part in the sales process. These efforts have resulted in helping us secure our largest maintenance contract. I would recommend Jill McKibbin with McKibbin Consulting to help your grow your business.

Wendy Staso, Chairman, Huckestein Mechanical A Service Logic Company
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