Jill McKibbin is a very well connected, polished and confident resource in the real estate industry.  She prides herself on offering top notch services to all of her clients and friends.  She has a command of the real estate business and the players.  I highly recommend that you avail yourself of her service.

Scott Smith, Production Manager/Sales, Eisler Landscapes

We have worked with Jill for the past number of months. Her vast network of people and knowledge of the construction industry is key to the number of appointments she has set for Eisler Landscapes. The added bonus of her monthly and quarterly networking meetings allow Eisler Landscapes and me to further develop these relationships and meet new referral sources. I would recommend Jill McKibbin with McKibbin Consulting for your business development needs.

Karen Marshall, Keller Williams Real Estate

Jill McKibbin is fabulous. She’s a networking queen and extremely hard working. Her loyalty and ability to utilize her referral skills for those she represents and who are involved with her networking groups is top notch. I would highly recommend McKibbin Consulting for your business development needs.

Sandra Palone, President of Palone & Associates

I have worked with Jill McKibbin for three years, and would not do without her services. As a small company, we do not have the resources to connect with the multitude of prospects that Jill provides. She accelerates our ability to reach out to many kinds of prospects (whether Architect, Engineer, Real Estate Developer, or Contractor).

Jill has an amazing talent for making that first contact with a new prospect and catching their interest. She has the tenacity needed to get her clients in the door and market their strong points. People listen to Jill because she is down-to-earth and approachable. She creates the bridge for the client to have an opportunity at a level of success they may not otherwise have. I would recommend Jill to anyone who is in need of a skilled Business Development Consultant who is hands-on.

Jill is incredibly savvy, and she has opened many doors for Palone & Associates. We plan to continue to use her services to help grow and diversify our client base.

Craig E. Stevenson, President of AUROS Group

Jill’s is an expert business development agent. Jill’s network specifically encompasses the A/E/C construction industry, including construction users, architects, engineers, and contractors. She is skilled at bringing successful teams together across diverse backgrounds. I find Jill to be an honest and motivated person who truly enjoys team-building. I highly recommend Jill to anyone looking to broaden their network in our industry.

Larry Kiec, Vice President – R&A Development

Jill maintains a high level of professionalism through her dedication and determination. Her knowledge and experience in the architecture, engineering and construction industry provides a positive advantage to her customers and clientele.