Networking Tips Lead For Business Success

William Mura of Pedersen & Pedersen, Inc. and Jill McKibbin of McKibbin Consulting. Photo by Joe Wojcik – Pittsburgh Business Times

Did you ever wish you could be in two places at the same time? Do you ever reach networking burnout where one more event just isn’t in the cards? With so many networking opportunities, how can you capitalize on the best events?

Jill McKibbin, owner of McKibbin Consulting, has found a solution to the networking dilemma. She attends events on behalf of her clients. The connections made can then result in appointments and may lead to business.

At a recent Pittsburgh Business Times Corridors of Opportunity event, William Mura of Pedersen & Pedersen, Inc. and Jill McKibbin of McKibbin Consulting, discuss how to grow new business leads for 2016.

McKibbin offers these effective networking tips:

  • Be prepared have an ample supply of business cards, but don’t pass them to everyone in the room. Quality connections versus a quantity of business cards are more beneficial.
  • Follow-up promptly – have some type of process in place when you meet someone at a meeting – either fold the corner of the business card down or make a note on the back of the card.
  • Create a diverse network of business associates and be a giver, offering to make introductions on behalf of others and follow through with that promise.
  • Organize your contacts by category and influence level
  • Befriend gatekeepers, they often hold the key to the executive’s calendar

Develop a passion for connecting influencers in various fields to see how they might compliment and do business with each other. When networking, recognize yourself as a catalyst for helping others and remember the saying – “giver’s gain”. Be genuine if your effort to support business. There is strength in collaboration through individuals of various businesses in a team-setting creating powerful strategy for combined growth.

To learn more about how McKibbin Consulting can help you grow your business, contact 412-498-3572 or email [email protected].

About the Author: Jill McKibbin, of McKibbin Consulting combines sales experience, sales processes, developing ideal business relationships, and contractual skills. These supportive services make increasing business opportunities easier for clients. Through a variety of networks McKibbin has the ability to match any client with a contact or potential opportunity, whatever the need. McKibbin formed a Commercial Industrial Service Trade Group (CIST). With chapters throughout the region, this highly organized networking group brings together a variety of trades to network and pursue construction focused project opportunities.

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